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FAA Approved BATD
VM Simulator


Compelling Visual System

Our visual system is top notch! So much emphasis is placed in the FlyThisSim visual systems that it just feels like the real thing. Great details on man-made ground structures, roads, railways, houses, factories are realistic. And even the weather would change in real-time, it could be a very good or very bad day in different time, so you will equip yourself to handle all flight scenarios you could possibly face in real life, just without the costs and risks.


dynamic weather


continuous horizon


Ground details

MOst Comprehensive Avionics System

With over 125 different panels, its likely the panel you actually fly in your airplane is available to you on your new TouchTrainer flight simulator. FlyThisSim has worked tirelessly for years to develop and present to you one of the best avionics simulation platforms with full WAAS ( Wide Area Augmentation Services ) enabled. Jump into the seat of your new FTS training system and practice normal aircraft and emergency procedures, instrument procedures, instrument currency and mission rehearsal.

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touch trainer

We support over 125 different panels in over 15 different aircraft types which means that we have to be able to provide our clients with the controls they are used to when flying or training in their aircraft. Our simulators are quick to transform ensuring that a yoke can be exchanged for a joystick in just a few seconds. Engine controls are also a breeze to change out and reconfigure. We offer Vernier, and lever controls for single engine and twin engine aircraft using a mounting system that will have you changing out controls in a matter of seconds.


TouchTrainer SD


TouchTrainer VX


TouchTrainer VM


TouchTrainer FM 100


TouchTrainer FM 210

technological features


Foreflight for Ipad

Real-time weather, connectivity through ForeFlight, and real world training using the tools you fly with everyday in your cockpit will leave you prepared for navigation, appropriate ADM, better exposure and experience with your ForeFlight EFB.

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X-Plane for your Airport

Custom scenery packages available for your home airport, if available. Add incredible realism to your flying experience making your FlyThisSim that much more enjoyable and your flying time in your new simulator that much more challenging.

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Navigation Data

Our navigation data provides current real world en-route and terminal GPS navigation and our data updates on the same 28 day schedule as the AIRAC cycle making the data used in your TouchTrainer the same data you will use in real world flight.

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TIOS-Instructor Systems

An on-board or remote simulator control and student monitoring system for all TouchTrainers, now you can receive procedural training in any type of flight scenarios that you are not sure about.

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