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Most Comprehensive Avionic Systems

The heart of the TouchTrainer is the Electronic Flight Decks (EFD), GPS WAAS navigation system and autopilot simulation. We engineered these items in our own code to ensure accurate simulation of all general aviation aircraft, including Technically Advanced Aircraft (TAA) from take-off through enroute guidance, initial, final, missed approach point and the missed approach. There is no such thing as a generic simulator for an EFB that’s why FlyThisSim give you the choice of Analog, Aspen, Avidyne, Garmin G500, G1000 and Perspective based aircraft.

1. Aircraft Specific Avionic Simulations

We have created thousands of individually computer generated instruments, switches, knobs and collected them into over 125 different aircraft specific instrument panels. It is likely the panel you fly is available on a TouchTrainer flight simulator. Our panels are rich in detail andTouchTrainers can rapidly switch between the panels and aircraft. To view the complete library of panels that we offer and the panels that are available to order with your new TouchTrainer, click here.


Avionics on FAA Approved BATD TouchTrainer Simulators for Cirrus SR22 G5 Perspective

2. Full WAAS Simulations

FlyThisSim avionics simulation includes full WAAS (Wide Area Augmentation Services) allowing rehearsal of LPV, LNAV+V, LNAV as well as Ground Based Approaches at airports worldwide.


3. Multiple Specific Autopilot Simulations

In single pilot operations it is essential to understand the operation of your autopilot especially when flying fully coupled approaches and particularly when going missed. FlyThisSim simulate both rate and attitude based autopilots that can be coupled to GPSS and analog guidance with button click accuracy with all guidance modes simulated. We simulate the KAP 140, 150, 200 and 220, Piper IIB, STEC 55X and GFC 700.

4. Designed for Real World Skills Training

Our TouchTrainer simulators were built for action and skills based training. Jump into the seat of your new FTS training system and practice normal aircraft and emergency procedures, instrument procedures, instrument currency and mission rehearsal. Practice a flight you will take or experience one you did previous all over again. Our FAA approved flight simulators allow you to maintain and log IFR currency allowing you to stay legal in between actual aircraft flights. Our visual system will make you feel as though you are in the real aircraft, our panels are so realistic you will learn from every minute in front of your new simulator, and the joy and fun you will have flying a TouchTrainer will be close to the pleasure you have when flying your real aircraft.