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TouchTrainers Are a Different Breed of Training Device

TouchTrainers create better safer pilots. Our simulators have unique features, attractive price-points, look good, easy to use, and a joy to fly. We take pride in engineering, hand building, and thoroughly testing each and every simulator we manufacture. Our simulators are designed in California and made in the USA. Our sales and support teams are based in California, and our leadership team comprise of all pilots who know what a simulator should be able offer.


Design Philosophy

Flight simulation can make a difference in the life and career of a pilot, whether professional or personal. It can help pilots learn faster and retain more than equivalent training in the aircraft. It is in Technically Advanced Aircraft (TAA) that simulation can provide the greatest advantage.

There is no such thing as a generic trainer for Technically Advanced Aircraft. It is impossible to think that could even be safe, achievable, and effective.

  • Instrument currency and training in the use of complex avionics requires training devices that operate in the same way as systems found in that specific aircraft. The integration of the avionics and the autopilot must operate in the same way as the aircraft especially for coupled and missed approach operations.
  • Eye and muscle memory is best learned in a simulator and reinforced in the aircraft. As far as possible, all switches, knobs, and controls should look the same and be in the same relative position as those found in the aircraft.
  • Emergency and normal procedure training requires an accurate simulation of aircraft systems, especially aircraft electrical supply and bus switching. Avionics and other equipment in an ATD should exhibit the same switching to revisionary, powered off, or failed modes as the aircraft when electrical busses change state.
touch trainer Standard

touch trainer Standard

TouchTrainer VX

TouchTrainer VX

touch trainer VM

touch trainer VM

touch trainer Robinson FM 210

touch trainer Robinson FM 210

We hope pilots use our systems regularly to learn about and maintain currency in normal and emergency aircraft and instrument procedures. We hope instructors train their students using ourTouchTrainers as a primary teaching and testing tool before reinforcing training in an aircraft.
Our use of modern high powered specialized computer equipment, software, and visual technology can produce an ATD affordable by individual pilots and schools that is long lasting, FAA approved to log time, easy to use, reliable, maintainable and upgradable.


Our design philosophy has led to the TouchTrainer advanced family of
FAA approved fixed wing and helicopter flight simulators. Learn more about what sets us apart from the rest.

Visual System

No FAA approved FTD matches our VisX visual system for richness of detail. We cannot take credit for this as it is pure X-Plane 10. Compare X-Plane 10's graphics to X-Plane 9 or Microsoft Flight Simulator based visuals. Third party add-on packs are available too should you need them.

We can take credit though for the innovative system design that provides exceptional value and ensures each visual 'window' remains synchronized during rapid maneuvering and correctly accounts for the thickness of monitor bezels when banked.

Aircraft and Systems Simulation

Most flight training devices available today consist of varying levels of custom designed aircraft, generic controls and enclosures, and poor logic interfacing hardware to commercially available flight simulation software. Simulation software is rarely enhanced beyond its generic capabilities with most manufacturers simply using a variant of Microsoft's obsolete Flight Simulator.

We base our simulation aerodynamics modelling and out of the window visual display on X-Plane 10 from Laminar Research. X-Plane is constantly being improved and is the standard simulation engine for low cost flight simulators for training and research.



TouchTrainers are designed to be versatile TouchTrainers have the widest range of avionics, autopilots and instrumentation available.

TouchTrainers have instruments, switches, buttons, knobs, secondary controls and avionics bezels that are faithful representations of those found in the aircraft. TouchTrainers offer high resolution instrument panels which can be interchanged simply by a few keystrokes.

When its time to change aircraft and you need to swap control hardware to the aircraft being simulated, our custom designed base and table allow rapid switching of throttles, yokes and joysticks. No more simulating an aircraft with a sidestick and flying with a Yoke or having to restart the simulator to exchange controls.


Our systems don't just compete on price with ATDs from other manufacturers, they blow them out of the water. The prices quoted here are for complete systems including the simple assembly tools. Even a frame for your FAA Approval Certificate.

A TouchTrainer is a Turnkey System

When you purchase one of our TouchTrainers, there is nothing else to buy. Your purchase will include all controls including yokes, throttles, rudder pedals, computers, operating systems, touch screens, frames, software and a wireless FTS network link to your iPad so you can use applications such as ForeFlight. Its all included, all integrated to work flawlessly, shipped carefully, and fully supported for the first year with additional time available should you wish to keep your simulator in great working order with the latest software and features.

Simulation Hardware

Most of the controls required to simulate the aircraft are supplied as computer graphics actuated by natural touch screen gestures. However primary flying controls are simulated in hardware. We provide high quality yokes, rudder pedals, throttles, mixture and propeller controls.

FlyThisSim Standard 12 Month Warranty

Your simulator is carefully hand assembled by a team of production technicians led who oversee and test every simulator that goes out the door. FTS offers all clients a full 12 months of product and software warranty. Your FTS product warranty includes remote desktop, telephone and e-mail support. Warranties include full support on all hardware sold by FTS. Additionally and as added value, FTS offers full software support for the first 12 months after purchase. This includes all software maintenance and upgrades including navigation data which is updated every 56 days. For a copy of the full warranty agreement, visit our warranty page