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FlyThisSim products are used to train and familiarize test pilots, aero-medical physicians, navigators and many of the world’s best aviation practitioners. Used in multiple branches of the government and military organizations throughout the world, our flexible rapid prototyping capability and our reconfigurable simulators are used by the USAF, French and Korean and Air Forces for training, research and development. We count NASA, Wright Patterson Air Force Base, University of Texas, University of Darmstadt, Netherlands Research Labs and other world class research establishments among our customers. The FAA use our equipment to show advanced approach concepts. Private companies involved in flight and space development use our products to demonstrate concepts and attract funding. FlyThisSim is at the forefront of simulation prototyping software. After all, it’s how we develop our own products.


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When you teach different aircraft you need to simulate those aircraft and there is no such thing as a generic trainer for a Technically Advanced Aircraft (TAA) so you need a simulator that is as versatile as you are. Some of the items you want to simulate may not exist in an aircraft, FlyThisSim can provide software for advanced concept demonstration. A TouchTrainer can simulate many different types of aircraft and avionics including high performance Technically Advanced Aircraft, and the TouchTrainer is under continual development always adding to the avionics and aircraft we simulate so it is likely whatever customer you train there is an appropriate TouchTrainer simulation.


From our lowest priced standard (SD) system TouchTrainers are upgradeable to the next level desk based simulator, right up to the outstanding TouchTrainer VM (VM 100). TouchTrainers can be upgraded with more aircraft and more panels than any other system.


Touch Screens and standard hardware replace the low volume mechanical systems of other manufacturers providing increased reliability. On Line Remote desktop support is available to maintain your system should something go wrong and our software upgrades mean the TouchTrainer constantly improves its simulation capabilities.