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Instrument Approach

Instrument flight is the most exhilarating flying you will have the privilege of being able to enjoy. Making sure to keep your skills up, or learning them in a low stress environment so you can be that much better when you face your aircraft is the key to safe flying when mother nature throws her worst at you.

For this scenario, you will choose to fly any instrument approach in the U.S.A. using any aircraft in the FTS fleet. The scenario will adapt to your selections and the approach that you load. Your selection of avionics must have a WAAS enabled GPS such as the Garmin GNS430W, 530W, or G1000. You may wish to hand-fly the approach, or use any of the autopilots in the FTS inventory. If you have a TouchTrainer, and wish to log this approach for FAA instrument currency, you must set your cloud base to the minimum decent altitude (M.D.A.) for the approach that you select.

Instrument Approach Final

Instrument Approach Final