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Cirrus Parachute Deployments (CAPS)

On November 16, 2012, a Cirrus SR22 N800RW experienced a complete loss of oil pressure near Show Low, Arizona. The pilot was in cruise at 12,000, when ATC cleared him to 14,000 for terrain clearance. The pilot heard a loud "pop", and within 5 minutes, the oil pressure dropped to 0 psi. A preliminary NTSB report of this accident can be found HERE. We provide the NTSB excerpt below. Our scenario below the NTSB brief below will teach you how to handle this type of emergency.

In this scenario, we will re-enact the same emergency. The pilot must take immediate action to diagnose the engine failure by following appropriate emergency checklists. If you are unable to restart the engine, you must decide to make an emergency landing, or deploy the whole airplane parachute system. The story of your simulated emergency may end similar to that of N800RW. Or, the actions you take may result in a completely different outcome. Your life and that of your passengers depends on how well you are ready to handle any emergency that may come your way. Practice on a TouchTrainer increases your chances of successfully handling an emergency and prepares you to make the right decisions if and when the time comes that you are faced with a problem.

CAPS Pull scenario

CAPS Pull scenario