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Train Normal and Emergency Procedures

Train for flight with accurate flying control responses, pitch, and power settings and accurate aircraft systems simulations. Experience various avionics and systems failures practice dealing with them.


Fly IFR Procedures

Navigate with fully integrated avionics and instrumentation including WAAS capability and your autopilot. Fly fully coupled approaches or fly by hand in the weather of your choice.


Complete Complex Scenarios

Develop airmanship by flying complex scenarios through deteriorating weather and failing equipment that you would not want to practice in an aircraft.


Practice Using Specific Features

Learn when to use specific features like the Cirrus Aircraft Parachute System and how your aircraft’s electrical system works. Use the SIMPLE throttle and train both rich and lean of peak climb techniques.


FlyThisSim TouchTrainers Enable

Continued Procedural Training and Repetitive Rehearsal Improves:

  • Muscle Memory
    Learn where and when to appropriately respond
  • Risk Management
    Through trained experience you will assess risk better
  • Decision Making
    The more you practice, the more you know, the better your decision making processes

So when the time comes where you have to make that critical decision, you will have:

  • The Right Reaction
    from your practice on your simulator
  • Evaluate External Pressures
    knowing what to expect as you have pushed your limits in your simulator
  • Recognize and Reduce Stress
    since flying in high stress situations in your simulator will teach you how to spot and handle stress