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  • Student Pilots

    Are you a student getting ready to learn to fly? If so, a TouchTrainer is for you. TouchTrainer is the most affordable and economical FAA approved flight simulator and we make it easy for you to practice all skills on a flight by cutting down both time and cost!

  • Current Pilots

    Did you just get a private pilot license and wish to prepare for instrument training? Do you have an instrument rating and need to stay sharp and on top of procedures? Are you currently a pilot who just purchased a new aircraft? If so, a TouchTrainer is for you. TouchTrainer is the most affordable and economical FAA approved flight simulator and we make it easy for you to own

  • Flight Schools

    Do you own or operate a flight school or manage a team of commercial pilots that need consistent practice? Do they need access to a simulator to keep skills sharp or develop and hone crew and cockpit resource management? Gain access to new revenue streams. Purchase a TouchTrainer. Commercial financing is available.

  • Educational Instuitions

    Educational institutions large and small throughout the world use TouchTrainers to keep their members current and sharp. Having multiple modern aircraft specific simulators in your institutions simulation labs is a powerful differentiator for your organization.

  • Government & Military

    Used in multiple branches of government and military organizations throughout the world, FlyThisSim products are used to train and familiarize test pilots, aero-medical physicians, navigators and many of the world’s best aviation practitioners.


faa approval

All FTS flight simulators are approved by the FAA. This allows pilots and student pilots to log a certain amount of hours during flight training or to maintain instrument flight currency. FTS makes extensive use of computer graphics and touch screens to replace controls normally required to be provided as physical devices. This enables TouchTrainers to be more aircraft specific, versatile and lower cost than other BATDs while providing all the advantages of FAA approval to TouchTrainer owners and operators.




Train Normal and Emergency Procedures

Train for flight with accurate flying control responses, pitch, power settings and precise aircraft systems simulations and much more.


Complete Complex Scenarios

Develop airmanship by flying complex scenarios that you would not normally want to practice in an aircraft.


Fly IFR Procedures

Fly fully coupled approaches or fly by hand in the weather of your choice.


Practice Using Specific Features

Learn when to use special features like the Cirrus Aircraft Parachute System (CAPS).


Special Features

Besides the TouchTrainer's standard features like our compelling visual systems and comprehensive avionics panels, TouchTrainers are built on our proprietary SimAvio software platform.


Flight Scenarios

By training with FTS training scenarios on our simulators, pilots like yourself or your students could accumulate skills and experience to face different scenarios in real life of flying.


Simulation Science

FTS TouchTrainer Simulators are designed and built by a focused team of engineers, simulator experts, and simulation scientists. Learn more aboute the theories and science of simulation


Product Differenciations

Our design philosophy is the basis for our successful TouchTrainer flight simulators.

  • 01

    Visual System

    No FAA approved FTD matches our VisX visual system for richness of detail.

  • 02

    Aircraft & Systems Simulation

    Our simulators are built on our custom built SimAVIO, simulation software.

  • 03


    The widest range of avionics, autopilots and instrumentation available.

  • 04

    Cost Effectiveness

    Our simulators are priced aggresively to offer a high value flight training device at the best cost.

  • 05

    TouchTrainers are Turnkey System

    TouchTrainers come with everything you need to be up and running in hours.

  • 06

    FlyThisSim Standard 12 Month Warranty

    Your product warranty includes full support on any hardware and more.

  • 07

    Simulation Hardware

    We provide high quality yokes, rudder pedals, throttles, mixture and propeller controls.

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