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This flight simulator provides functions and features required by military and civilian professional aviation academies, flight schools and instructors to teach and evaluate aircraft control techniques in addition to VFR and IFR procedures, aircraft systems, normal and emergency procedures that are the domain of other FlyThisSim products.

Engineered to be the best value BATD the TouchTrainer FM 210 Flight Simulator provides an ergonomic side by side, dual controlled, immersive cockpit with aviation headset communications, audio simulation, on board instructor's station and a massive 64 square feet of wrap around visual display that makes it the simulator to bring students to your school and keep them coming.

Designed to be introduced in the first stages of a pilot's aviation experience integrating ground school, aircraft control skills, and procedure training immediately from the first instructional session. Use the FM 210 in your curriculum to teach basic and advanced procedures, hovering techniques, hover taxi, transition to flight as well as advanced subjects like settling under power, autorotations and run on landings.

Installed in homes, hangars, military locations, flight schools and palaces. No one else provides a flight simulator with this much power or presence.

TouchTrainer FM 210 Features

The TouchTrainer FM is a very high performance, FAA approved BATD floor mounted flight simulator complete with all software and physical controls, screens, computer hardware, cockpit, side by side seating, communications system, audio system and assembly tools. A true turnkey system for your home, hangar, flight school or academy.


Aircraft Specific Simulation

The TouchTrainer can simulate Robinson R22 and R44 with five individual cockpits with Aspen, Garmin G500H and analog flight decks. With the TouchTrainer there is no such thing as generic aircraft simulation thanks to our unique FAA Approval to use touch screens and our own SimAVIO software. All of this so techniques, performance, procedures and proficiency learned in the TouchTrainer are directly transferrable to the aircraft.

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FAA Approved BATD

Time spent flying the TouchTrainer can be logged towards private and instrument training as well as instrument currency. But its use is not restricted to these items, the TouchTrainer can be used to hone normal and emergency procedures, your knowledge of your aircraft and perform realistic mission rehearsal with live air traffic control and practice using your Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) as you would in the aircraft.

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Dedicated Avionics Panels

Dedicated Avionics Panels

The FTS TouchTrainer FM gives you instrumentation, PFD, MFD, analog instrumentation and avionics simulations ready to enter and fly flight plans, load and fly approaches and missed approaches. The secret of instrument flying is to be ready for what is going to happen next. Use the TouchTrainer to master your avionics and anticipate the future.

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210*70 Degrees of Spectacular Real Time Image Generation

The FTS TouchTrainer FM (Floor Mount) 100 flight simulator boasts a large 100 degree wide wrap around visual system composed of six aligned 60" high definition monitors and an unmatched advanced dedicated graphics hardware subsystem, itinduces more accurate motion cues and image flows as the simulator is maneuvered without expense, safety, maintenance and support costs of lesser results with a motion platform.

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Reconfigurable Cockpit

Robust modular cockpit with adjustable side by side seating and dual controls where instructors can demonstrate techniques and correct student errors.



High Fidelity Audio System

A multi-channel Bose audio system provides aircraft engine and systems sounds, while avionics aural warnings and tones are fed through the aviation headsets to feed important non-visual cues to the student from battery switch on to shut down, which has increased student immersion within the simulation.


Aviation Communications System

A dual headset communications system with side tone, individual squelch and volume controls provided for student to pilot communication, connectivity to voice over IP air traffic control simulation and avionics alerts.

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Connectivity to Pilot Edge

Connect to live Air Traffic Controllers who use standard phraseology to get your IFR clearances and control. An essential feature for completing IFR training and cross county practice.

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Synchronize Your EFB

Connect to your FlyThisSim TouchTrainer with your EFB loaded on an iPad so it can provide correlated real time movement, orientation and position data enabling real world training using the tools you fly with.

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Total Power Computing and Graphic Systems

The FM 100 comes powered by our most powerful simulation computer technology using the latest specially selected off the shelf motherboards, memory, processors and video cards with the performance to compute and draw 1.1 Billion pixels per second. This means the computer system is reliable, runs cool, and is maintainable, repairable and upgradable for the life of the simulator. In the rare case the system becomes misconfigured it can be remotely administered and serviced by FlyThisSIm.


Easy Installation

Attention to design and the use of low power consumption components means no special power or cooling requirements. The FM 210 runs on less than 2 kw total and may be connected to a domestic 120v supply. Light weight components require no special floor strengthening or other requirements. TouchTrainer FM 210 customers have installed their systems personally or FlyThisSim can optionally professionally install. It usually takes them no more than three hours. With a little installation work our TouchTrainer FM 210 can be installed in a room with a standard 30" door.

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Type Specific aircraft performance, system and avionics

  • Practice normal aircraft and emergency procedures, instrument procedure, instrument currency and mission rehearsal, Maintain and Log Time. Log IFR Currency without an Instructor.
  • Rehearse WAAS GPS LPV, LNAV+V, LNAV and Ground Based Approaches at any US Airport.
  • Simulate Beech, Cessna, Commander, Corvalis, Cirrus, Diamond, Piper aircraft with Analog, Aspen, Avidyne, G500, G1000 and Perspective avionics; Switch rapidly between them in just a few seconds.
  • Robinson Helicopter with Analog and G500H Avionics

Replicate Aircraft Specific Cockpits and Panels for Robinson R22 and R44


If you would like to check the FTS panel that is specific to your helicopter type or Watch Video about comprehensive
avionics on our TouchTrainer Simulators, please simply click on the buttons below

vm Display

VM 210 Display

VM 210 degree wide * 70 degree high visual system on 6*60" screens

FTS Green and FTS Black

FTS Green and FTS Black

While FTS green is dedicated to displaying instrumentation and providing in cockpit audio, the FTS Black's mission is to push 2,160,000,000 pixels per second generated by six instances of X plane running concurrently to 6 HD screens. Powered by the latest i7 driving the widest PCI bus available and 3 monster nVidea graphics cards this dedicated image generator is the is the only device that can provide smooth, accurate visual simulation to our highest fidelity simulators


Add Realism to Your Airport & Surrounding

FlyThisSim TouchTrainers run on our native SimAVIO simulation framework software and utilizes X-Plane's simulation engine for the visual system, flight and engine model. X-Plane provides one of the most realistic simulation foundations available for general aviation use. It offers an endless amount of upgradable features and add-ons and FlyThisSim offers support to assist in finding and installing them making your TouchTrainer much more enticing to fly.

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Connect Your EFB

Connect to your FlyThisSim TouchTrainer with your EFB loaded on your iPad. Once your iPad is connected to our TouchTrainer, the simulator starts to feed real time data on movement and location to your ForeFlight application. Real-time weather, simulator correlation, providing real world training using the tools you fly with.

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Optional-TIOS Instructor Station

Touchscreen Instructor Operations System (TIOS) is an on-board or remote simulator control system enabling user monitoring and simulation control for all TouchTrainers. The TIOS is available as an integral part of the TouchTrainer, residing on a secondary touch monitor instructor station or as an Extended TIOS running on a separate tablet wirelessly connected to the simulator.

FAA Approved on all Touch Trainers

All FTS flight simulators are approved by the FAA. This allows pilots and student pilots to log a defined number of hours during flight training or to maintain instrument currency.


fTS Panel List

The panels below are only a small part of all the panels, If you would like to request FTS Panel Datasheet, please click here


Robinson fm R22 9 hole Analog


Robinson fm R44 Analog


Robinson fm R44 G500

touchtrainer FM 210


  • Robust single seat pilot station with adjustable seat
  • Reconfigurable flying control system
  • Commercial License
  • FAA certificate, tools and documentation
  • 1 Year warranty width extended warranties.

FM 210 upgrades

starting From

  • TIOS System Including Tablet - $2000
  • Installation and Training. Price on Request.
  • Additional one or two year warranty $1000 per year


  • FTS SimAVIO Simulation Software with custom avionics, aircraft and simulated systems
  • FM 210 degree wide and 70 degree deep visual system on 6*60" screens and stands
  • On board interactive Instructors Operating Station
  • X-Plane 10 flight simulation core software
  • Custom built FTS Black advanced aviation simulation and Image Generator computes
  • Two FTS touch screen devices
  • Dual yoke or stick controls, vernier or lever throttles, and rudder pedals
  • Side by side cockpit with adjustable seats
  • FAA certificate, tools and documentation

TouchTrainer Floor Mount 210


Top View


Front View

  • Crate1: 72"x 65" x 62"
  • Weight: 1280 lbs
  • Crate2: 76" x 54" x 50"
  • Weight: 920 lbs