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TouchTrainer Hints & Tips

Electronic Flight Bags

Do you use an Electronic Flight Bag such as ForeFlight or WingX Pro when you fly? You can now use these tools with your TouchTrainer and Train the way you Fly.

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TouchTrainers can transmit their simulated position and AHARS (Attitude, Heading and Reference System) data to multiple Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) applications running on your tablet of phone. The EFBs typically show maps, airspace, approach and airport plates on a tablet. When connected to the TouchTrainer the EFB can show the simulated position, speed and attitude data just as if it was connected to AHARS and GPS information in flight.

The following EFBs can be connected.

  • ForeFlight
  • FlyQ EFB
  • AvPlan EFB (Australia)
  • Wing X Pro
  • SkyDemon

To send your TouchTrainer's simulated's position to your EFB from X-Plane, follow the steps below:

  1. Settings > Net connections > iPhone/iPad tab
  2. Check the box "Send Data to Fore flight Mobile or Wing X Pro to ONE iPad or iPhone
  3. Enter the IP address of your iPad or tablet in the text entry box. (Found in iPad settings > General > WIFI.)
  4. Set your EFB to receive the information. For instance iIn ForeFlight click on MORE > DEVICES. Select X-Plane, and set the Enabled Option to ON.
Electronic Flight Bags

X-Plane Scenery Pack

Add custom scenery packs to your TouchTrainers X-Plane to add realism to airports and surrounding environments and improve your simulation experience.

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There are many free and pay-ware add-ons to X-Plane. Adding these items to your TouchTrainer is easy to do and does not invalidate any FAA authorizations. Some of these packs are very realistic and may even contain your T-Hanger, favorite restaurant and airport specific signage making your simulation more accurate and more fun.

Adding custom scenery packs to your TouchTrainer is a simple process. You add the Downloaded folder to the Custom Scenery folder inside the X-Plane folder.

X-Plane Scenery Pack

Finding Custom Scenery:

Visit X-Plane.Org Forum Downloads pages to find all the various scenery file options that other users have created. You may use those files. Please remember however, we are not responsible for the functionality of other's scenery files and cannot guarantee or assure the functionality of their files once provided.

Make sure to browse the ReadMe files that are included with your scenery packs. Sometimes the scenery files will have special instructions for installation.