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FlyThisSim TouchTrainer FM-Robinson

The first helicopter simulation from FlyThisSim featuring the Visual Motion System. Video explains the differentiators incorporated intothis touchscreen based rapidly reconfigurable procedural and skills trainer.


Come Fly with TouchTrainer VX

A top level overview of the TouchTrainer hardware and its VX visual system


Touch Trainers for Flight Schools

Now you can have one simulator for multiple aircraft, watch the video and see how TouchTrainer could improve your training efficiency and cut cost for your flight school.



The FlyThisSim team show the Visual Motion prototype fling in various locations from Alaska to San Francisco with clear skies, thunderstorms and light cloud.


TouchTrainer- A revolution for flight Simulation

A basic introduction to the TouchTrainer showing FTS avionics and touchscreen interface and the VX visual system.


Fly This Sim- Switch between aircrafts in minutes with TouchTrainer

A demonstration from Eric to show how fast and easy it could be to switch between aircrafts on a TouchTrainer.


TouchTrainer Simulator Controls

An introduction to the TouchTrainer Instructor Operating System.


Level Flight Scenarios-FlyThisSim

This exercise will improve the pilot's basic skills of hand-flying the aircraft in stable, level flight. The pilot will be asked to hold an assigned altitude and heading.


CAPS Pull Scenario

In this scenario, we will re-enact the same emergency. The pilot must take immediate action to diagnose the engine failure by following appropriate emergency checklists.


Instrument Approach Final

You may choose to fly any instrument approach in the U.S.A. using any aircraft in the FTS fleet. The scenario will adapt to your selections and approach that you load.


FlyThisSim’s FM 210

The video shows the 210 degree wide visual system and dual side by side cockpit with the FTS simulation of the G1000 Cessna 172.


Fly a Simulator at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2015

A quick view of the TouchTrainers available at Oshkosh 2015


Heli-Expo 2014 – AIN TV Checks out the X-Copter Trainer

Guidance Aviation andFlyThisSim collaborate on an R22/44 training device called the X-Copter.