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    Year Round Proficiency

    In May, a program founded by Chuck Gensler and others at Independence Aviation at Centennial Airport (APA), Denver, Colorado, will offer Cirrus pilots continuous monthly training. The customer gets 20 hours of flight instructor time, seminars on timely topics such as maintenance, and use of the school's Frasca and FlyThisSim TouchTrainer simulators.

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    FlyThisSim Goes Global

    The company said its TouchTrainers are already FAA-approved and it is working to gain additional local approvals from aviation authorities in Europe, Canada, and Australia. Suttle cautioned, however, that the overseas approval process may take some time.

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    FlyThisSim Targets Flight Schools with FM 210

    FlyThisSim, a company known for producing affordable touchscreen desktop simulators, is stepping up. The TouchTrainer FM (FM 210) is a high-fidelity skills trainer with a 210-degree panoramic visual system.

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    FlyThisSim Strives for Accessible Training

    Flight Simulator company FlyThisSim has introduced here at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh its newest product, the TouchTrainer FM 210, a floor-mounted simulator featuring a 210-degree horizontal and 70-degree vertical field of vision.

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American Bonanza Society

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    Sims for the Beechcraft Crowd

    There are two major players in the home simulator market: Redbird and FlyThisSim. Three Redbird products and two FlyThisSim products were compared in this article.

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    Confessions of A FlightSim Newbie

    When I was deciding on the merits of investing in a home flight simulator, the ABS office suggested I check into the TouchTrainer by Fly This Sim.

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  • The TouchTrainer Team

    The TouchTrainer Team

    A story about how Co-founders Carl Suttle and Eric Paton founded FlyThisSim and the making behind the TouchTrainer team.

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