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PilotWorkshops Selects TouchTrainer Simulators for IFR Bootcamp

for IFR Bootcamp For Immediate Release - San Luis Obispo, CA

FlyThisSim LLC has announced that the company’s TouchTrainer Flight Simulator has been selected as the standard platform for PilotWorkshops’ IFR Bootcamp. “At IFR Bootcamp, pilots fly a full day of intensive IFR scenarios so we needed a simulator platform that accurately supported a wide variety of airplanes and panels. Our analysis showed that the TouchTrainer was unmatched in accuracy and flexibility,” stated


Mark Robidoux, President of PilotWorkshops. He added, “Our IFR Bootcamp graduates have been impressed with the TouchTrainer. We can typically match, or get very close, to the instrument panels and GPS systems they use in their own aircraft, which means they can focus more on refreshing their IFR knowledge and less on learning a new plane. In addition, TouchTrainer’s use of touch screens means we can switch between airplanes in a couple of minutes - a key factor in providing service for our customers.”

The TouchTrainer is an FAA-certified Basic Aviation Training Device (BATD) which means instrument approaches and some other procedures can be logged and counted towards training hours and currency. The simulator supports aircraft from Beech, Cessna, Cirrus, Corvalis, Diamond and Piper with over 80 different aircraft/panel configurations. Key to the system’s fidelity is a pair of touch screens that provide accurate representations of the different instrument panels supported.

IFR Bootcamp also makes use of two features of the TouchTrainer that greatly enhance realism. All Bootcamp scenarios include a live ATC component using human controllers provided by PilotEdge because radio work is an important component of accurately simulating the workload of instrument flight. Pilots bring their headsets to IFR Bootcamp and work with the PilotEdge ATC system from ramp to ramp.

Another component that increases realism is the TouchTrainer’s ability to provide a geo-referenced signal for ForeFlight and WingX so that pilots can use these tools in their scenario training just as they would on a real flight.

FlyThisSim President Carl Suttle stated, “We were thrilled to be selected by PilotWorkshops for their revolutionary new IFR Bootcamp. After undergoing an extensive evaluation and beta testing procedure, they have rolled out TouchTrainers in all six of their locations and students are now using the full capability of our simulators. We look forward to growing with them as they expand.” About FlyThisSim: FlyThisSim are producers of the TouchTrainer series of FAA approved flight simulators and SimAVIO avionics simulation softwarre. More information can be found at

About PilotWorkshops: Since 2005 PilotWorkshops has been delivering proficiency training to general aviation pilots. PilotWorkshops’ team of nationally recognized instructors shares tactics and strategies using the best of today's technology to help both private and instrument pilots fly more safely. The company’s Pilot Tip of the Week is read by over 120,000 pilots each week and is available for free at More details on IFR Bootcamp are available at