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FlyThisSim Will Follow Up Impressive Showing at Oshkosh with Exhibits at FLYING Expo and Cirrus Migration

FM 210 Draws Rave Reviews, Inspires Strong Retail Activity at AirVenture 2015.

FlyThisSim hosted non-stop crowds of interested pilot prospects, potential flight school and aviation training program customers and a steady stream of curious onlookers who were fascinated by the company's latest addition to its lineup of Touch Trainers, the FM 210, at the Experimental Aircraft


Association's (EAA's) AirVenture 2015 in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, July 20-26, 2015. A record number of prospects and sales were recorded at the week-long event which featured the public debut of the impressive new skills trainer with a 210 degree wide by 70 degree vertical display which exceeds FAA Level D standards. It was the centerpiece of a display that also included the TouchTrainer SD, VisX, Visual Motion, and TouchTrainer Robinson products the industry's most accurate aircraft/avionics desktop and floormounted simulators.

"We exceeded expectations at Oshkosh this year," said Carl Suttle, Joint CEO of the San Jose, California-based firm. "We've always considered it an exceptional opportunity to reach the largest number of knowledgeable pilots in the shortest period of time. This year, we were also impressed by the vast number of new or potential pilots who showed great interest in our Touch Trainers. It's very encouraging, from both a company and an industry perspective, to see signs of an obvious upward trend in the number of student pilots and it's not surprise that we are among the companies inspiring that momentum. Our products are affordable, relatively 'familiar, especially to those who have grown up in a digital world, and software based so they're easily adaptable to different types of aircraft. One TouchTrainer can accurately reflect more than 110 aircraft/avionics combinations. That means pilots and instructors can train with simulators that look and fly like their aircraft. We place a high priority on the science of simulation, to ensure accuracy and detail."

FlyThisSim plans to build on the momentum from EAA by participating in two upcoming trade events, as well. "We will be exhibiting at the Cirrus Migration in Addison, Texas on September 10-13 at the Intern Continental Dallas and at the FLYING Aviation Expo, October 15-17 at the Palm Springs Convention Center in Palm Springs, California, as well. We'll have the FM 210 at both events for the first time," He pointed out.

FTS's products include:

  • The TouchTrainer SD, priced at $4,900. It can be used to maintain instrument currency and to stay sharp on aircraft normal and emergency procedures. A complete FAA approved turnkey package, it includes a wireless connection to iPad aviation applications such as ForeFlight;
  • The TouchTrainer VX priced at $7,400. This package extends the use of the TouchTrainer into VFR training and mission rehearsal. The visual system is fast and smooth to match specific aircraft dynamics, electrical system and autopilot simulations;
  • The TouchTrainer VisualMotion, priced at $11,400. The ultimate visual system, this version shows what flying by attitude is all about. The large display area stimulates central and peripheral vision and provides a full range of motion cues. Its 1:1 correlation with aircraft pitch and roll angles enable accurate flight control making the TouchTrainer a superior learning environment for all pilots;
  • The TouchTrainer FM 210, priced at $30,000. Featuring a number of enhancements when compared to previous FlyThisSim Touch Trainers, virtually all of the FM 210's components and physical implementation techniques are new. It has vacuum plastic molds for the cockpit that are much lower cost, more durable and attractive than similar cockpits fabricated from fiber glass or meta. The cockpit is reconfigurable between single or dual seat, center console, single engine or twin aircraft, yoke or side-stick, vernier or lever throttles. This is a cockpit that is entered from the side, not the rear like most GA simulators. The cockpit electrical and computing design includes a number of additions such as twin aviation headsets with side-tone; twin web cams for remote student monitoring; dual controls to allow instructor demonstration; Bose audio system to add auxiliary flight cues; and USB and main power convenience facilities for iPads and laptops.

The new 210/70 degree visual system is designed to enhance the learning environment for landing, takeoff and other skills. The system provides a vertical field of view with correct aspect visual flow and motion cues, a 1:1 horizontal/vertical visual scaling, the depiction of 3D objects around the airfield with realistic depth perception, and bright displays which allow the eye to open up and which require high resolution displays for accurate presentation. In addition, it makes possible very realistic lighting and weather simulation and visual motion cues, even when in the clouds--without an expensive motion system.

FlyThiSim TouchTrainers come with a 12 month warranty, remote desktop support and aircraft quality navigation data updates every 28 days. They are priced much lower than others because of the FAA approved touch screen technology. There's also no need for a motion system, custom knobs, switches and electronic components to fail. TouchTrainers use Commercial off the Shelf (COTS) electronics that can be replaced locally outside of warranty and they are easily and fully upgradeable. New simulations are compatible with existing TouchTrainers. Founded in 2007, FlyThisSim markets fixed and rotary wing simulators to Pilots, Flight Schools, Aviation Colleges and Independent Instructors motivated to stay sharp on their aircraft using high quality simulations of the specific aircraft. For more information contact [email protected] or call (844) 746-2846 ext. 1.