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FlyThisSIM Touch Trainers inspiring non-pilots to take flying lessons

Realistic, risk-free and repetitive training option attracts crowds

San Jose, CA-- FlyThisSim plans to continue building on the exceptional response from new and prospective pilots it experienced at EAA AirVenture 2015 when it exhibits at the Cirrus Migration in Addison, Texas on September 10-13 and the FLYING Aviation Expo, October 15-17 in Palm Springs, California. During AirVenture, the new FM 210 with its dual controls and 210 degree field of vision display drew a steady stream of


curious onlookers, many of whom waited in line to take a short demo flight. Scores of other visitors took the opportunity to spend some time getting familiar with the Standard, VisX and VisualMotion models, as well.

Among the curious and random visitors, there were also a growing number of individuals giving serious consideration to learning to fly. Even children too young for actual flight training lined up for a chance to fly the desktop simulators and prompted FlyThisSim to offer a "Kids Camp" session for an hour each morning with the company's two highly experienced flight instructors. Professional Systems Sales Director Chuck Cali and Software Engineer Peter King provided Introductory flight lessons to the potential future pilots.

"I think our exhibit became a virtual magnet for the people who came to Oshkosh to find out more about learning to fly," said Chuck Cali. "They couldn't help but notice the accuracy and precision of our displays and, once they had the chance to experience a demonstration, the effectiveness of the simulation as a teaching tool was very obvious. I spoke to a lot of student pilots who were extremely impressed with how well the simulator reflected their actual experience. There were also a number of people who said they had no idea this type of tool is available to them for their instruction. I know it was enough to convince at least one of our prospects to pursue her training full time," he added.

Garrett Weaver was that prospect. She didn't need a great deal of incentive when it comes to learning to fly. After all, her dad, Gary Weaver is an International First Officer on a Boeing 767 flying out of Chicago. They decided to join a family friend on his annual trek to Oshkosh this year. Even though Gary is a career airline pilot, he had never been to AirVenture and Garrett, who just completed her freshman year at Northern Illinois University, tagged along "because I have wanted to be a pilot from a young age, but I have been debating whether I wanted to take a year off from school to start pursuing a career as a full time commercial pilot. I thought Oshkosh would be a good place to help me make up my mind."

When she got to the FlyThisSim exhibit, Garrett sat down at the VisX simulator with Chuck, who gave her the opportunity to "fly" a typical flight lesson. She was hooked. "I got such a good feeling, sitting there at the controls, pushing buttons and seeing what it was like. I decided right there that I would take a year off from school and enroll in flight training. I actually went home and found a flight school at DuPage Airport where I can fly three days a week. I took my first flight lesson at Illinois Aviation Academy two weeks later. I'm aiming at finishing my Private Pilot's license by the end of September. Now, my next goal is deciding which model of simulator I want to buy so I can keep up with my instruction even when the weather is bad!

"It's encouraging to see students and prospective pilots like Garrett coming to Oshkosh and to our exhibit so we plan to continue to do what we can to encourage that kind of enthusiasm and response at the upcoming shows, as well," noted FlyThisSim Join CEO Carl Suttle. "We know that flight schools and flying clubs are making great use of our products, but it's also true that a growing number of individuals are buying them and using them to maintain currency and to stay sharp, especially when it comes to flying IFR. It turns out that versatile, software-based simulation is an outstanding way to attract new pilots, too."

Founded in 2007, FlyThisSim markets fixed and rotary wing simulators to Pilots, Flight Schools, Aviation Colleges and Independent Instructors using high quality simulations specific to their aircraft. For information contact [email protected] or call (844) 746-2846 ext. 1.