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FlyThisSIm Releases Global IFR Capability

FlyThisSim TouchTrainers expand current area of simulated operations from USA to Global

San Jose, CA-February 2016 Increasing demand for FlyThisSim TouchTrainers from international customers has prompted FlyThisSim to integrate worldwide navigation data into their range of TouchTrainers. “TouchTrainer customers can now switch their simulators to fly approaches into airfields in any country,” said Carl Suttle, co-CEO of FlyThisSim.


“Over the years we have sold many TouchTrainers outside of the USA, usually to individuals who own ‘N’ registered aircraft. We recently purchased the rights to ship world-wide navigation data with our systems. This enables customers anywhere in the world to create, load and save flight plans, including GPS and ground based approaches, into their TouchTrainers and then fly mission rehearsal or instructional missions into airports of interest. Besides the navigational data a whole host of other geographical data was required to maintain our high fidelity PFD and MFD simulations including shaded relief maps, coastline and political boundaries, lakes, airways and airspace data,” he added.

“FlyThisSIm TouchTrainers are FAA approved devices and work is now underway to get local approvals in Europe, Canada and Australia. These approvals will take time to process as there are over 100 different aircraft, avionics and autopilot combinations to be approved. However FlyThisSim believes the effort is worth it so pilots can train, and log time, in simulations of their particular aircraft; essential where currency in the operations of Technically Advanced Aircraft is to be maintained”.

Founded in 2007, FlyThisSim markets fixed and rotary wing simulators to Pilots, Flight Schools, Aviation Colleges and Independent Instructors using high quality simulations specific to their aircraft. TouchTrainers simulate Beech, Cessna, Cirrus, Corvalis, Commander, Diamond, Mooney, Piper and Robinson aircraft fitted with G1000, G5/600, Avidyne Entegra, and King instrumentation along with King, Garmin, Avidyne and Century autopilots. For information contact [email protected] or call (844) 746-2846 ext. 1.