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FlyThisSim LLC was formed in 2006 with a goal of providing low cost software simulations of Avidyne, Garmin and other avionics for inclusion into low cost flight simulators targeted at General Aviation. As the software grew in capability we expanded and sold to simulator enthusiasts, military and research establishments. We have a very large and growing customer base selling to over 40 countries.

As we grew we decided to start using our own tools and created the first FAA approved aviation training device to use touchscreens instead of electro-mechanical devices. The TouchTrainer has helped us to expand the number of great employees and customers we have. Expansion of our Product Line continues as we support an ever wider range of aircraft, avionics and simulator functionality based around the ever better X-Plane. We have our main production facility in San Luis Obispo in California. Software and sales are executed from San Jose, California.

FlyThisSim about_us

Everyone at FlyThisSim is passionate about aviation and that we can change how fellow aviators discover, grow and sustain theirs. We are dedicated to making flying safer and more enjoyable through the simulation science we engineer into our products.