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Custom engineered flight decks, avionics, auto-pilots, electrical systems and WAAS GPS software mean FlyThisSim lead the world in being able to accurately simulate multiple aircraft on one simulator and reconfigure from one to the other in seconds. Tuned pitch and power characteristics and specific aircraft features like the Cirrus CAPS system and accurate electrical power modelling mean you can run your checklists and train like you fly.


TouchTrainers used exclusively in IFR BootCamps around the USA. More.....

Take a look at this new panel for the A36 Bonanza. More.....


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TouchTrainer: FAA Approved Turn Key Systems

SimAVIO: For X-Plane Enthusiasts and Simulator Manufacturers

"The TouchTrainer is AMAZING! Even better than we hoped for! The last time I was this impressed by a new piece of technology, was the iPhone in 2007! Also, I wanted to put in a good word for customer service. We had a couple of self induced glitches and a few questions when we were getting the system up and running. I called in and spoke to Michael and he was able to take care of everything". Ray Beggs, Cirrus SR22, Florida